Youth Clusters

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Keen to curate community initiatives with like-minded peers?

Join our Youth Corps Clusters! Our Clusters are youth-led, youth-run interest groups that enable like-minded youths to pursue different interests and passions to do good. The youth volunteers are empowered to curate and execute their very own community volunteering initiatives with the support and guidance of mentors. Youth Corps Clusters are classified as:

  • Cause-based Clusters
  • Skills-based Clusters
  • Programme-based EXCOs


children youth and family cluster

Children Youth and Family (CYF) Cluster

Eldercare Cluster-576-324

Eldercare Cluster

Special Needs Cluster-576-324

Special Needs Cluster

Beyond Singapore Cluster-576-324

Beyond Singapore Cluster

Mental Health Cluster-576-324

Mental Health Cluster

Sustainability Cluster-576-324

Sustainability Cluster


Ambassadors Team-576-324

Ambassadors Team

Empathy Taskforce-576-324

Empathy Taskforce

Engagement Taskforce-576-324

Engagement Taskforce

Facilitators Network-576-324

Facilitators Network

Programme-Based EXCOs

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