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Including ASEAN member states, China and India


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"Team Malah spent two weeks in Chengdu, China. We spent half our trip at Xian He School where our main goal was to expose the students there to expose students to the world beyond their community and, boost their confidence in speaking in a foreign language."
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- Jadie, Team Malah

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"Everyone in the team benefited immensely from this project, as it allowed us to have a new perspective on the lives of others in another country whose lifestyles were extremely different to ours."
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- Jodie, Project #payitPHOward

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"My experience with YEP has definitely changed my life in many ways. Most prominently, it has made me more empathetic and open in my day to day life."
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- Lavinia, Project HerePhoGood

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"I was eager to join Project Guyub, a YEP-GO project, as it allowed me to network with other likeminded youths while contributing to communities across geographical borders."
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- Nelly, Project Guyub

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"The countless memories and friendships that I have forged have left me wanting to continue serving the community through YEP."
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- Poh Sin, Project Speak Up



Youth Expedition Project (YEP) is a Service-Learning Programme by Youth Corps Singapore to nurture confident and resilient youths who are active citizens with the desire to make a difference both at home and overseas.

To safeguard the health and safety of all youth participants, the National Youth Council (NYC) is adhering closely to the travel advisories issued by Ministry of Health (MOH), and stand advised against travel to affected countries and regions. NYC will not be accepting any applications nor approving grants for YEP trips taking place before 31 July 2022.


YEP Goes Online (YEP-GO) is a digital volunteering programme for youths to continue doing good with our overseas communities. Youths can connect with overseas partner organisations to develop meaningful programmes virtually.

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Develop into Asia-Ready youth with deeper social and cultural awareness

Gain insights on social issues in Singapore and abroad

Pick up critical skills to design and execute meaningful service-learning projects

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