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Looking for meaningful volunteering opportunities in Singapore?

We understand that youth have varied interests, passions, skill sets and availability. Our community service events are diverse in their modalities and cut across a range of causes so that youth can give back to the community. :)


Types of Volunteering Programmes

Our volunteering opportunities include Service-based (e.g. direct community engagement), Event-based (e.g. care pack distribution) and Skills-based volunteering (e.g. event day photography), over different commitment durations.

Bite-Sized Volunteering Events

One-day or short-term opportunities for youths who areinterested to try out volunteering and explore different causes.

Regular Programmes

Longer-term opportunities where youths can deepen their skills and knowledge of a client group through multiple sessions.

What's in it for you?

Gain skills and experiences through volunteering

Take action and volunteer in causes you care about

Volunteer alongside fellow like-minded youth


I managed to experience new things: saw a dead fish in a plastic bag for the first time, which was an eye-opener because I never thought I would actually get to see something like this ever.

- Hannah Teo, Greenies

Through Nurture In Nature, I learned that we have to be patient and empathise with the children as they come from different walks of life. I am really thankful for the experience.

- Ivan, Nurture In Nature

I am grateful to be able to contribute to a meaningful experience for healthcare workers, letting them know that we appreciate their hard work.

- Jia Ze, Appreciating Healthcare Workers

During COVID-19, I was involved in delivering meals to seniors living in social isolation. This experience made me realise that it is important for us to reach out to the underserved community.

- Raasheeda, Meals on Wheels

This volunteering experience strengthened my passion for wanting to help the elderly. Seeing a smile on their faces and being able to give them the company they yearn for was really worth my time spent.

- Rebecca Tan, Trash to Treasure


Here are some of our past events

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KidsFun School Holiday Series

Every June and November to December, Primary 1 to 3 children who are from low income families can spend their holidays meaningfully with Youth Corps at the KidsFun School Holiday Series.


YOLDEN Programme

YOLDEN, which stands for Youth + Golden (seniors), is a 3 to 6 month long befriending programme with seniors in the nursing home to improve their socio-emotional wellbeing. 

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